Master of Cyber Forensics and Security

    There is a critical need in both the government and private sectors for professionals equipped to prevent, counteract and investigate cybercrimes and information security breaches. According to Bloomberg the average cost of security breaches in the U.S. is 7.2 million dollars per incident. Gartner studies show that the average enterprise spends 5.6% of their it budget on information security, making this a nearly one trillion dollar a year industry. The need for educated professionals in this field is clearly spelled out in documents such as the U.S. Committee on National Security Systems Directive No. 500 Information Assurance (IA) Education, Training, and Awareness which mandates information assurance education for the professionals necessary to ensure the development and implementation of a comprehensive approach for the protection of U.S. Government national security systems and the information they store, process, or transmit.

    The Master of Cyber Forensics and Security degree is designed to equip experienced information technology professionals with the necessary knowledge and tools to fill the need for educated cyber security and forensics practitioners, investigators and managers. Built around a strong core of courses originally developed for IIT's Information Technology and Management degrees, the program also draws on courses from the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law curriculum to give cyber security and forensics practitioners the necessary thorough grounding in legal issues and compliance. Courses are taught by experts in the field who not only have academic knowledge but years of experience in the information security realm in both industry and government service.