Undergraduate Admission
    Graduate Admission

    Master of Cyber Forensics and Security Program

    30 credit hours (Courses may be selected from 400- and 500-level courses: a minimum of 18 credit hours must be at the 500-level or higher. Law courses count as 500-level courses toward this total.) GPA of 3.0/4.0 or better

    Core Courses (15 hours) Required courses

    ITMS 538 - Cyber Forensics
    ITMS 543 - Vulnerability Analysis and Control
    ITMS 548 - Cyber Security Technologies
    ITMS 578 - Cyber Security Management
    LAW 273 - Evidence

    Notes: Core course requirements may be waived upon presentation of evidence of equivalent coursework, certification or experience. Approval of waivers will be made by the student's adviser or the ITM Associate Director.

    Elective Courses (15 hours)

    Select at least twelve hours from the following:
    ITMS 518 Coding Security
    ITMS 528 Database Security
    ITMS 539 Steganography
    ITMS 549 Cyber Security Technologies: Projects and Advanced Methods
    ITMS 555 Mobile Device Forensics
    ITMS 558 Operating System Security
    ITMS 579 Topics in Cyber Security (May be taken more than once)
    ITMS 588 Incident Response, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
    ITMM 585 Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Technology
    ITMM 586 Information Technology Auditing
    ITMO 456 Introduction to Open Source Operating Systems
    ITMT 594 Special Projects in Information Technology

    AND select at least three hours from the following:

    LAW 240 National Security Law
    LAW 478 Computer and Network Privacy and Security: Ethical, Legal, and Technical Considerations
    LAW 495 Electronic Discovery